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The Benefits
Note: the information presented below refers to working in the Middle East as an expat.  These same benefits are not found in most other countries.

A job in the Middle East offers many benefits not found when working domestically. Because the benefits packages are so different, many westerners have a difficult time comparing an overseas offer to what  they currently have.

Tax-Free Income
All positions feature a salary that is paid free of U.S. Federal and State taxes. According to U.S. income tax law, you are exempt from paying taxes on the first $75,000 earned each year while working outside the U.S. This means if you're salary is $50,000 per year, then your net or take home will also be $50,000. There are no income taxes in Saudi Arabia. There are no sales taxes either. Canadian laws vary from the U.S. but still allow their citizens to earn income that is free of taxes. Be sure to check out the net income and savings potential comparison worksheet. Always consult your tax professional for advice.

Paid vacation
Most positions offer 30 days of paid vacation. Some single status positions offer 40 days. Vacation benefits vary depending on your status (single, married or family).

Round-trip air fare
All positions give you (and your dependents living with you) free, round-trip airfare for use when you take your vacation(s). Depending on the client and your status, you may receive from one to three round- trips each year.

The Major Benefits Of An Overseas Job
More Benefits
Free Housing or a housing allowance
Housing is western style, fully furnished and air conditioned. Some single status positions offer 'shared housing' (you have your own bedroom and share the kitchen and common areas of an apartment or villa). All utility bills are paid by your employer as well as the maintenance and upkeep of your housing. Most housing is located on "compounds" which are similar to apartment complexes in the U.S. Compounds have recreation facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, weight rooms, children's play areas, etc.

Transportation or a transportation allowance
All positions give a transportation allowance or furnish an automobile. Generally, only senior level positions or sales positions furnish a car. The typical transportation allowance is not enough money to purchase or rent a car with but will supplement your expense. The average transportation allowance is around $130 to $150 per month.

Yearly guaranteed bonus
All positions in Saudi Arabia pay a yearly "contract completion bonus" equal to one-half of a month's pay for the first five years of service. For years six and beyond, the bonus is increased to one-month's pay each year. This bonus is held in escrow and paid to you when you re-patriate to the U.S. or your home country.

Free medical care
All positions provide medical care with no deductables or co-payments of any kind. Most clients also include prescriptions as well as basic dental care. Medical care is very good in Saudi Arabia.

Other Benefits
Some companies offer additional benefits such as child education, incentive bonuses, performance increases, etc. All benefits are fully explained by our recruiting staff if you are selected for presentation to a client.