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Visa Services For Clients And Individuals
Obtaining a visa to work in a Middle Eastern country can be a daunting task to the uninitiated expatriate.  As an example, there are over 70 individual steps that we complete prior to the issuance of a work visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For instance, in many cases birth and marriage certificates must be "authenticated."  That, in itself, doesn't sound too difficult but listed below are the steps needed to authenticate a certificate:

Translation of the document by a licensed translator

Verification from a notary that the copy is identical to the original document

Verification from the Notary's state that he/she is a duly authorized Notary and currently licensed

Seal and stamp from the US Department of State verifying the stamp and authority of the Notary's state

Fortunately, we are equipped to deal with the array of tasks required for the issuance of a work visa and we complete almost all of the paperwork required.  All the candidate has to do is supply us with the appropriate documents as we request them (such as college diplomas, transcripts, marriage license, etc).

There is no cost for our services to candidates that we recruit.  We can also provide this service at a reasonable fee to individuals and companies not affiliated with us.  Please
contact us for rates.
Work Visa and Medical Exam Information
Medical Exams And Services
Once an individual has been offered and accepted a position he or she must complete a limited physical examination before a visa is issued.

The medical exam varies by client but typically includes chest x-rays, blood and urine lab work, an HIV test and a screen for Hepatitus B.

Through our partnership with Technical Labs and Clinics, we are able to schedule your physical exam at a location near your home in any US state. Canadian citizens utilize the services of their national health service.

All lab work is sent to a centralized facility and results are forwarded directly to us for review by our staff physician.

Because of our national network and ability to provide physical exams in almost any location, many firms utilize our services for medical exams of their US-based employees. 
Contact us if you would like more information.